Sara Fim

    • NAME
    • SARA-FIM


    • COLOR
    • WHITE

    • WEAPON

    • TOTEM

    • AIR


    • KARMA




Sara-fim’s original name is Khadiyah Fatim and she was born a mortal. At an early age she displayed more physical talent and ability than most of the boys in her clan. Though the customs and laws of her people had always permitted women to participate in all aspects of society, including war, Khadiyah was not without rivals – who had probably been shamed by losing to her in a contest. Her parents were loyal citizens to the Republic and observed a strict religious lifestyle.

Because of her superb abilities in archery, spear fighting, and javelin throwing, Khadiyah was accepted as an initiate into the famed national elite guard, known as the Sara-Sin. A few male initiates may have protested her presence, but one in particular, Keerna Jallo, was very threatened by Khadiyah – not by her physical talent, but by her innate sense of justice and sixth sense for wrongdoing. Khadiyah could stare into a person’s eyes and know all of their most secret sins. Many avoided her gaze but Keerna Jallo once was caught in her stare and Khadiyah then knew of his wicked deeds and ill-intent. Fearing for her chance to become a Sara-Sin she assured Keerna that she would not tell anyone of the evil that she saw, for his father was an influential lieutenant in the guard.
One night while away from home on a training expedition, Khadiyah slept soundly in the initiates tent. Keerna Jallo sneaked and applied scorpion balm to her eyes hoping to destroy Khadiyah’s gift of insight. Khadiyah awoke and was mortified to realize she was blind. Unable to compete in the training any further, Khadiyah was expelled from the guard’s initiate ranks and sent home.

Knowing deep down who had done this terrible thing to her, Khadiyah remembered her promise not to expose Jallo and remained silent, though her parents were greatly aggrieved. Khadiyah sat in darkness but still was able to know the hearts of men now through their words. Her father knew a great martial artist who lived in a far off land to the East. He arranged for Khadiyah to be his pupil in order to continue her training. Under the tutelage of the great Master Kubei, Khadiyah learned to make her blindness an asset and strength instead of a handicap. She emerged from the gates of Master Kubei’s forest compound ten years later a grown woman and a trained assassin.

Her fearsome skills and use of weapons combined with superb agility and a seeming pre-cognition of oncoming attacks were unmatched even among the elite Sara-Sin guards. She soon assumed the position of Captain and took on the name – Sara-Fim, which meant First Lady of the Order of Wings. She led the guard in many military expeditions that expanded territory and exerted the strong will of the nation.

Sara-Fim soon grew tired of expending great effort and shedding blood for material gain. She had always believed she was fighting the cause for justice but now she questioned that belief. During a military campaign in the Hinterlands, Sarafim overheard a secret meeting between the SaraCin General and an agent of the opposing army. The SaraCin were to storm the castle gates and lay siege to the inhabitants. The foreign King promised to order his troops elsewhere in order to ensure a quick and easy victory for which he would be rewarded. A week later when the SaraCin guard breached the castle gates they were astonished to find SaraFim already inside with her weapons drawn and trained on her compatriots. She single-handedly thwarted the plot but was eventually captured and condemned to death for her treason. On the night before the morning of her execution, witnesses say they saw a large eagle descend upon the prison tower. When the guards came for Sara the next morning they were shocked that she was no longer there. There was no sign of escape save for three large feathers on the floor. As a reward for her willingness to stand for justice and even face death, SaraFim was granted immortality by The Great Spirit and given the wings of a bird.