Swords & Scales: Tales of the Immortals

Swords & Scales is a tale of danger and adventure as represented by the Sword. It is also a tale of choices and destiny as represented by the Scales. Enter a world of Immortals, Heroes and Heroines, Dark Lords and Conquerors as the eternal balance of power shifts for better or worse. You, the viewer through your will and intent will affect whether the world is born anew in justice, good, and peace or descends into suffering, pain and affliction. Swords & Scales: Tales of the Immortals is a series of seven episodes that tell the stories of Immortal characters who each represent a particular virture. Travel through time and dimensions on an epic adventure that magically weaves a tale to illuminate the one-ness of all in the Universe. Swords & Scales is a joint venture between Fogenetic Studios and Universal Phoenix Group.

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The Team

Universal Phoenix Group is a global enterprise solutions group that incubates and multi-generates ideas and concepts into tangible and favorable outcomes. UPG utilizes its global professional network to generate and maximize opportunities. UPG utilizes its market presence in the vertical industries of sports, dance, fashion, technology and gaming to positively influence local communities, while bridging gaps globally to improve communities throughout the world. UPG seeks to expose the arts and empower younger generations with viable development solutions and opportunities.

Fogenetic Studios is a Creative Production Studio founded in Atlanta, GA in 1999. Fogenetic Studios provides audio music production, animation, video and film, project development, and event promotions. Swords & Scales is currently a joint production with Universal Phoenix Group that will establish UPG and FS as industry innovators in the genre of animation and comics.